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I met Anna back in our post secondary days. I don’t quite remember how, but it most likely was because we had some classes together. What I do remember is how we bonded over talks of bunnies (she’s a dedicated rabbit mom) and pet health issues in general (our pets were ill!). I always knew her as the really smart + hardworking friend. I eventually transferred to another university and life just got busy, so we hadn’t seen each other for years.

Well! Now that we finally have the chance to meet up again, I also got to meet her wonderful husband, Reggie! They got married last summer approximately a month before my own wedding. They tell me they met back when Anna was a cashier at Canadian Tire and Reggie + his buddies went through her till. They are gym buddies and love to work out together. They also like to travel and they like to dance. The latter is an understatement. They love to dance so much, in fact, that they choreographed their own first dance for their wedding (and I don’t believe it was all slow dancing). Reggie proposed at Anna’s surprise birthday party in front of their family and friends. Double surprise…it can’t get any better than that!

Anna and Reggie, I love that you guys were daring and adventurous enough to go through with your session even on such a wet day. Thanks for braving the cold, snow, hail, and then pouring rain without hesitation. You guys are awesome! :)

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