Hawaii Honeymoon Vacation

Aloha! J and I have been back from our Maui honeymoon for two and a half weeks now and I am still wishing to be back there! It’s such a beautiful place where nature is abundant, so nice for a change from the fast-paced urban living that I’m used to. I can’t remember the last time I spent so much time in the sun. In fact, I underestimated the power of the sun, forgot to wear sunscreen, and got a sunburn on the second day there. Oops. All in all, we had a super wonderful time. I’d love to go back and visit another island in the future.

photo 5-Edit

View of Maui from my seat on the plane. photo 2 (2)-Edit

This beautiful beach was just right outside the resort we stayed at! photo 3-Edit _M3_0055-Edit_M3_0032-Edit

One of the very first things on my to-do list: Take a scenic boat ride out to go snorkeling! _M3_0017-Edit_M3_0019-Edit_M3_0021-Edit_M3_0056-Edit

I don’t remember exactly how many rainbows I saw in those 8 days, but at least a handful. _M3_0036-Edit_M3_1106-Edit_M3_1124-Edit

We watched every single sunset during our time there. It’s different every day and oh so pretty. _M3_0088-Edit_M3_0095-EditKathy Lui Photography

Haleakalā is also known as the East Maui Volcano. By the time you reach the summit, you’re over 10,000 ft high and on a clear day, you can get a 360 degree view of Maui. Many come here to watch the sunrise and sunset. To make the most of our time in this park, J and I hiked two trails. Being so high up, it was cold! _M3_0099-Edit_M3_0119-Edit_M3_0122-EditKathy Lui Photography_M3_0148-Edit_M3_0150-Edit_M3_0157-Edit_M3_0160-Edit_M3_0165-Edit_M3_0168-Edit_M3_0171-Edit

Was dancing on Haleakalā on J’s bucket list? Perhaps, and he sure as heck fulfilled it. _M3_0184-Edit_M3_0196-Edit_M3_0206-Edit_M3_0210-Edit_M3_0244-Edit

On our way back from Haleakalā, we came across a lavender farm and I made J stop for some pictures and food. Unfortunately, not much lavender was in bloom, BUT we did come across some pretty wisteria vines. _M3_0253-Edit_M3_0258-Edit_M3_0279-Edit_M3_0293-Edit

And the farm sold some delicious pulled pork tacos. _M3_0313-Edit

Our first time in Hawaii and we couldn’t NOT go to a luau. I had read some differing opinions on luaus in general, so I was ready to be disappointed. But the one we attended was awesome and we more than loved it. _M3_0354-Edit_M3_0338-Edit_M3_0319-Edit_M3_0334-Edit_M3_0346-Edit_M3_0377-Edit

Of course, we made sure to spend time just relaxing in the sun too. _M3_0384-Edit_M3_0385-Edit_M3_0442-Edit_M3_0443-Edit_M3_0470-Edit_M3_0471-Edit_M3_0475-Edit_M3_0474-Edit_M3_0499-Edit

Oceanside dining every night! _M3_0502-Edit_M3_0503-Edit_M3_0504-Edit_M3_0518-Edit_M3_0523-Edit_M3_0542-Edit_M3_0547-Edit_M3_0532-Edit_M3_0549-Edit_M3_0550-Edit_M3_0577-Edit_M3_0573-Edit_M3_0578-Edit_M3_0612-Edit_M3_0623-Edit_M3_0628-Edit

I learned that there’s such a thing as a black sand beach. Cool!
_M3_0632-Editphoto 1 (1)-EditKathy Lui Photography_M3_0654-Edit_M3_0692-Edit_M3_0724-Edit_M3_0714-Edit_M3_0745-Edit_M3_0757-Edit_M3_0763-Edit_M3_0766-EditKathy Lui Photography_M3_0784-Edit_M3_0802-Edit_M3_0809-Edit

The rocky area you see in this photo is known as “Dragon’s Teeth”. It got the name from its jagged edge formation which resembles those of dragon’s teeth.
Kathy Lui Photography_M3_0829-Edit

Do you see all the “teeth”?

Yes, I am indeed walking through a labyrinth and I did finish the whole thing. Don’t judge!

My birthday happened to fall on one of our last days there. Obviously we celebrated with an oceanside dinner. Like every night, haha.
photo 2 (3)-Editphoto (1)-Edit_M3_0950-Edit_M3_0956-EditKathy Lui Photography_M3_0975-Edit_M3_0992-Edit_M3_1000-Edit_M3_1001-Edit_M3_1016-Edit_M3_1051-Edit_M3_0874-Edit_M3_1181-Edit_M3_1138-Edit_M3_1145-Edit_M3_1196-Edit_M3_1201-Edit_M3_1194-Edit_M3_1259-Edit

I am a huge fan of turtles. I’ve liked turtles since pre-school when I was obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My mom even sewed me Ninja Turtle pants back then. On our second last day in Maui, I was determined to go find some sea turtles basking on shore. I saw one swimming near us on the boat ride and also several in the ocean center, but none up on land where I could take some better photos. I figured I *needed* to see at least one before leaving. I succeeded! Not only did I find one that afternoon, but plenty more continued to come up on shore — apparently I found their basking site! I was told that on average, about 30 bask in that location and stay overnight. There were even 45 the night before. To be able to see such beautiful creatures in the wild is a special experience. My purchased souvenir from Maui for myself? A baby sea turtle print.

_M3_1239-Edit _M3_1248-Edit


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