My Baby Shower

Upon being one of the very first to learn late last year that I was expecting a baby, a good childhood friend of mine immediately said she would like to have the honor of throwing me a baby shower. Magdalena hosted my co-ed shower last Sunday and both J and I were joined by our lovely friends and family to celebrate this special time in my life. My family even drove 12 whole hours from Alberta just to attend — we feel so fortunate and thankful for their never-ending care and support.

As of today, there’s less than two months left until we welcome baby into this world. I can’t believe how quickly time flies by! J and I have been busy physically and mentally preparing for the last seven months and we would like to think we are more than ready for baby’s arrival. Still, I am a little sad that my pregnancy journey is coming to an end soon. Although the beginning was a bit rough with my morning evening sickness, I have, for the most part, enjoyed every bit of being pregnant, especially the quiet time between baby and I, as well as feeling his kicks and movements.

Thank you so much Magdalena, for hosting, for planning, for the hours you and Peter put into making food and cleaning up, and especially for making this shower possible, and thank you to my sister Celia, for the beautiful dessert table. Joined by such supportive friends and family, I was overwhelmed with lots of love and joy.

Lastly, J and I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone for attending and for all your gifts. You guys are so so generous and with everything that we received, we have no need to run out and buy anything baby-related ourselves! Not even one item so far (okay, I bought two onesies just because they were adorable, but they’re not considered “essentials” since we’ve been gifted so many already)…even the crib and stroller were taken care of. Baby is lucky to have so many amazing aunties, uncles, and grandparents. We love you guys!

Photos taken by Jason Tam, edited by me.

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I love my sisters!

Kathy Lui Photography

Photos taken by myself after getting home, Magdalena crafted the diaper cake (left) full of useful items such as diapers of course, paper towels, pacifiers, and muslin wraps. Celia created the adorable elephant-on-a-diaper-bike (right) out of useful baby stuff as well such as socks, a bib, cloths, blankets, and more. I didn’t want to take these apart!


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