Tofu’s Valentine’s Day

I know it’s eleven days past Valentine’s Day, but I still had to share these photos. I had a few shoots after Valentine’s Day and make it a priority to process client images before my own, so these had to wait. Therefore, I couldn’t feature poor Tofu until now.

Tofu is my 5 year old cat. He is what is considered a gentle giant of the cat world. He’s very big and long, yet rarely has a mean bone in his body. I say “rarely” because there seems to be a couple of people he has decided he doesn’t like much. Other than that, he even tolerates the constant poking and prodding from staff at the vet clinic. He takes everything in stride. I must admit that growing up, I didn’t really like cats, but now I realize it’s because I didn’t “know” or “understand” them and not because there really was something I wasn’t fond about. Thanks to Tofu, I declare myself a huge cat lover now. You will never see me walk by a cat outside without trying to pet him/her.

On Valentine’s Day, he seemed extremely interested in what Jemma was eating, so I put the plate out in front of him to see what he would do. To be honest, I expected him to kind of sniff the goodies and then walk away. Well, I’m glad that I kept my camera with me because I would have never expected to get the following images! It seems like someone has a bit of a sweet tooth… I love good surprises!

P.S. Don’t worry, he didn’t get to eat much of the sweets at all. He picked them up whole, but dropped everything several times until they crumbled and then I took the plate away from him :)

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