October Cat Adoptables

Earlier this month, I was at the New Westminster Animal Shelter photographing pets looking for forever homes. There was only one dog I needed to photograph, but many cats, so I spent most of my time in the kitty room. As I mentioned on my Facebook page (if you aren’t following on there already, what are you waiting for? :), several of these cats have been waiting quite a while for their special people. Christmas is less than two months away and I am pretty sure they would LOVE to have a loving owner + warm home to spend their days in by that time. Please consider one of these cuties if you’re looking for a feline addition!

This is Simon and he is rather talkative when the treats come out :)

I think he was laughing with me here, hopefully not at me!

Oscar has been waiting for a long time now. Are you the person for him?

Please share with anyone who may be interested, thanks!

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