Crystal and Angelika | Vancouver Dog Photography

Remember Jade the Frenchie? Well, she lives with Crystal and Angelika altogether in one big happy family of French Bulldogs! I know it’s hard to differentiate between the two girls in these pictures because of how similar they look, but it is easier to tell in person. Even now, I have to look at the photos a couple of times before realizing who is who in which one :) In real life, Angelika is still a puppy and her head is not full grown yet, so Crystal’s head is bigger. Not to mention, Angelika has more white on her head. Anyway, without further ado, here they are…enjoy!

Angelika on the left, Crystal on the right.

Crystal: I’m tired of this photoshoot. Let’s do something FUN!

Did someone say treats?!

Puppy Angelika posing like a pro. I love the head tilt!

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