2023 Motherhood Mini Session Prep Tips

The park we are photographing at is Terra Nova Rural Park, and the address is 2340 River Road in Richmond. Refer to my email for the map and meeting location.

When you arrive, I will likely still be working with the clients before you. Please be ready and waiting on the grassy area near the picnic tables and I will come get you once I am ready. Thank you!

It is better to be early than to be late so that we can maximize our time together. If you are late, the amount of time I have with you is negatively impacted. The time slot does not change. If you show up 5 minutes late to your 15 minute session, I will only be able to photograph you for 10 minutes. I will not be responsible for any images missed due to late arrivals and no refunds will be given. It is critical to the success of our time together that you arrive 10 minutes early to avoid any issues. I cannot stress this enough.

I aim to capture both guided poses as well as authentic moments. The more relaxed you stay, the more settled your kids will be. Don’t worry if your kids aren’t cooperating and please don’t stress. If one thing doesn’t work, we will try something else. Capturing the chaos of these raw moments is as important as the perfectly posed ones. Let your guard down around me, go with the flow, and the rest will follow. Oh, and hugs, kisses, and laughter are always beautiful. :)

Extra tip: Feed your children well before the session and they shouldn’t need to eat during our time together. Bribery for a special treat after the session may work though!

The weather is unpredictable and the forecast will be changing all the way to your session. If it rains lightly, I will have clear umbrellas for you to use. If it pours, we will be rescheduling to April 29th, and I will let you know that by early afternoon, via email and text message (using the phone number you provided at booking). If you do not hear from me at all, you can assume it’s on! :)

When shooting family portraits, outfits that complement each other well can really be the icing on the cake. I promise it’s worth it to do some pre-planning so that you can get the most out of your session. Here are some of my outfit tips for your mini session:

  • Pick a colour scheme and stick to it. I recommend a maximum of 2-3 colours, and then add in a neutral(s) like white, gray, khaki, tan, brown, etc. (think earthy tones – see below).
  • Coordinate and complement, but don’t be matchy-matchy.
  • Limit prints and large patterns to just one piece within the family. These can be quite distracting.
  • Choose timeless and classic pieces. Your family photos will be treasured for years (generations, even) to come, and by choosing clothing that is timeless and classic, you will avoid dating your images. Will you still like what you’re wearing in 10, 20, or 30 years from now?
  • Accessorize! Especially for the kids. Headbands or bows, cardigans, etc.
  • YES:
    • Layers for added texture
    • Neutrals and earthy tones
    • Natural fabrics
    • Flowy and lots of movement
    • Texture
    • 3-4 colour palette maximum
  • NO:
    • Big patterns
    • Logos
    • Bright colours
    • Too much white (ivory/cream/beige are better choices) or too much black
    • Very snug fitting clothes
    • Runners

***Please check out my Pinterest board for some wardrobe inspiration:

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