Raw Canvas Date Night

Last year, in my obsession to become as minimalist as I could, I came across an online article detailing presents that could be given that would help reduce the amount of clutter one accumulates over the years. The belief is that we are so attached to our material belongings and making those objects too important to us when, in reality, actually experiencing life should be what counts. Hoarding too much clutter not only takes away some of our enjoyment in-home (mental and visual clutter, anyone?), but it’s also costing us money to 1) buy and 2) to manage it, clean it, etc. Time is money. Nowadays, before making any purchases, I ask myself this question, “Do I really have use for this, will I use it often, and if not, do I love it THAT much to want to keep it around and clean it all the time?” I dislike clutter and work hard to keep my space as clean looking as possible. Decluttering is therapeutic to me!

I loved the idea of giving experiences rather than material objects. Some of the most memorable moments in my life have been when I was actually doing something with someone. I loved the idea of it so much that I decided to implement it, if only temporarily. Therefore, I’ve made “experience” the theme of this year’s presents for my husband J. He’s been getting a different gift of experience to celebrate special events and milestones each time.

For our one year wedding anniversary, I gave him (us) an evening to spend at Raw Canvas in Yaletown. It’s a lounge and art studio where you get to eat, drink, and then paint. Now, neither of us are very good artists when it comes to pencil and paper, or in this case, paintbrushes and canvas, but spending time together experiencing and doing something new was the main purpose. Even though we weren’t close to being talented enough to create a masterpiece, we had tons of fun together, just us two and our paintbrushes…and truly, that’s all that matters.


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